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Rustlick offers a variety of machining and grinding fluids. Designed primarily to lubricate and cool, these fluids reduce heat build-up during the machining or grinding process. This prevents the burning of parts, reduces distortion in the workpiece, extends tool life and allows maximum chip loading for faster production. Our experts can help you determine which coolant is best for your operation.
All coolants listed are not available for purchase online.
Please call us at (408) 370-2288 to place your order.
Water-Soluble Machining Fluids Biostable Coolants
Formulated with oils and emulsifiers, water-soluble oils combine the lubricity of cutting oils with the cooling ability and economy of water dilution. . more info
Biostable products control bacterial and fungal growth, resulting in level pH performance and reduced biological degradation. Frequent dumping of the sump because of rancidity is eliminated, and no additional biocides are needed. more info
Semi-Synthetic Machining Fluids Synthetic Machining Fluids
Semi-synthetic machining and grinding fluids are synthetic-based coolants that typically contain some oil for added lubricity and corrosion protection. This makes them ideal for light-to-moderate machining and grinding applications. more info
Full synthetic coolants utilize a soluble combination of synthetic lubricants and do not contain any petroleum additives. Synthetics offer a number of outstanding advantages, including extended sump life and exceptional performance. more info
Sump Maintenance Accessories
Full line of products for maintaining your coolant sumps. CNC skimmers, bactericide, fungicide, universal wheel skimmers, tramp oil skimmers, drum mixers and refractometers. more info