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Protect your investment! Buying expensive air tools is a waste of time if you don't keep them up by adding air tool oil or gear lubricants. We have high grade lubricants for keeping you air motors and gears in tip-top shape.

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Dynabrade 95544 Gear Grease 2.5 oz.
Our Price: $9.85

Mulit-purpose grease for all types of bearings, cams and gears. High film strength; excellent resistance to water, steam, etc.
For wick-type lubrication systems.
Dynabrade 95848 Gear Oil 2.5 oz.
Our Price: $14.75

Formulated for Dynabrade geared tools utilizing a wick-type lubrication system. Not to be confused with gear grease. Check tool specs for correct gear lubication type. For non wick-type lubrication systems use 95542 gear grease.
Dynabrade Air Lube Oil 1 Pint 95842
Dynabrade Air Lube Oil 1 Pint
List Price: $23.50
Our Price: $19.00
You save $4.50!

16 ounce bottle of high speed pneumatic tool lubricant. Air tool oil prevents rust and formation of sludge/gum.
Dynabrade 95541 Grease and Oil Gun
Our Price: $24.70

For applying gear oil or grease into tool's lubrication fitting. Easy to use, just cut tip off of oil or grease tube and screw on to gun. Pump action dispenser for precise lubricating.
Dynabrade 10690 Filter Regulator Lubricator
Dynabrade 10690 Filter Regulator Lubricator Combo
Our Price: $249.00

Dynabrade Filter Regulator Lubricator combo is an all in one automatic filtration and oil drip system. Protect your investment, filtering and oiling your air supply can extend the life of all your expensive air tools. Simple to install and maintain.