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Shop for a wide selection of Abrasive Belts, Sandpaper Discs, Sanding Sheets, PSA Disc Rolls, Spiral Bands, Cartridge Rolls, Grinding Discs for Woodworking and Metalworking.
Abrasive Sanding Belts ( 1/4" - 52" wide) Quick Change Grinding Discs (1" - 3" dia.)
From portable tools to wide belt machines we have over 45 different belt sizes in stock for most common tools and machinery. more info
Small diameter discs for use on right angle disc sanders. For weld removal, general purpose grinding, sanding and blending on a variety of materials. more info
Orbital Sander Discs (3" - 6" dia.) Large Stick-On PSA Sanding Discs (10" - 20" dia.)
Abrasive sanding discs for use on orbital sanders. Cloth & paper backed discs for sanding a variety of materials. Sandpaper discs available in PSA or Grip-On attachment styles. more info
Adhesive backed PSA abrasive discs for use on staionary disc machines. For finishing various metal and wood workpieces. more info
Resin Fiber Grinding Discs (4" - 7" dia.) Norton Blaze Flap Discs
Resin fiber discs with center hole for use on right angle disc sanders. Ideal for heavy sanding, grinding and weld removal on a variety of materials. more info
Depressed center flap discs for use on right angle disc sanders. Long lasting discs that are excellent for weld removal and other metal fabrication applications. more info
9" x 11" Sandpaper Sheets Flap Wheels
Variety of coated abrasive sheets for hand and machine sanding of metals, fiberglass, plastic, wood, paint, and primers. more info
Flap wheels with mandrels and center holes for attachment to portable tools and stationary equipment. more info
Shop Rolls (1" - 4-1/2" wide) Spiral Bands (1/2" - 2" dia.)
General use abrasive shop rolls for deburring, cleaning, and polishing a variety of materials. Cut to length for hand or machine sanding. more info
Small diameter abrasive bands for attachment to rubber drum. Rubber drum attaches to die grinders or other tools for finishing curved or contoured areas. more info
Cartridge Rolls
For getting into hard to reach places. Commonly used for porting holes and edge breaking. Catridge rolls attach to mandrel for use on die grinders. more info
Since 1974 one thing we have learned is that no one manufacturer is master of all products. At Abrasive Supply we carry a large selection of high performance coated abrasives from a variety of leading manufacturers, not just one. Whether it is our Jisco PSA discs or Sait resin fiber discs, we only provide products that have been proven to outperform the competition in real world manufacturing.