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SC3000 CNC Skimmer

SC3000 Coalescent Skimmer

Redesigned in 2006, this user-friendly portable coolant skimmer removes up to 95% of floating tramp oils from machine tool sumps. Detachable, quick-connect floating oil skimmers have no positioning requirements, provide perfect fluid flow, and are easily installed. With the SC3000, the entire coolant filtration process takes place quickly without removing your machine from operation. The dependable and easily maintained SC3000 is a great value.

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(for users of pre-Nov 06' SC3000's)


Part No.

Available In:

SC3000 Unit 78100
Floats (pair) 78101



Triadine 20
Triadine 20 industrial microbiostat is a broad spectrum antimicrobial designed to quickly combat both bacteria and fungi commonly found in contaminated metalworking fluid systems. Use two ounces for every ten gallons of sump capacity.
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16 oz.
1 Gallon

Grotan is a broad spectrum bactericide. Grotan is best used at 0.15% concentration in end use dilution.
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1 Gallon
Part No.

Triadine 20 Available In:

16 oz. (6 per case) 77116
One Gallon (4 per case) 77101
Grotan Available in: Part No.
One Gallon (4 per case) 77011


The new Universal Wheel Skimmerís unique injected molded frame is the result of modern engineering and manufacturing techniques. The design provides greater flexibility than conventional wheel skimmers in operation, wheel sizes and mounting.
  • Exclusive bi-directional tramp oil drains
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant frame and wheel
  • Smaller footprint than a conventional old style wheel skimmer making it easier to install
  • Easily and economically converts to 18" or high temperature wheels
  • Removes up to 1.5 gallons of tramp oil per hour
  • 120V - Single Phase - 50/60 HZ - .6 AMP Motor
  • Prolongs Coolant Life
  • Eliminates Tramp Oils
  • Cuts Maintenance and Machine Downtime

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Part No.

Available In:

12" Universal Wheel Skimmer 78034
12" High Temp. Conversion  Wheel 78060
18" Conversion Wheel 78065
18" High Temp. Conversion Wheel 78070


Tramp oils seal the surface of the coolant in your sump against air, providing an ideal growth environment for microorganisms which cause a host of problems. The Tramp Oil Skimmer removes these oils at a rate of up to 1.5 gallons per hour; automatically, reliably, and economically. The High Temperature model is rated for sump temperatures of 140o Fahrenheit and higher.

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Part No.

Available In:

12" Wheel Diameter 78012
12" Wheel Diameter/High Temp. 78013
18" Wheel Diameter 78018
18" Wheel Diameter/High Temp. 78019

These sturdy, corrosion-resistant mixers (which offer a significant advancement over  traditional Venturi-type drum mixers) are used to automatically dilute and mix coolant concentrates with the proper amount of water. The Rustlick drum mixer comes with a series of color coded inserts (proportioning valves), each of which deliver a specific dilution ratio: 30:1, 20:1, 10:1, etc.

  • Ensures proper mixture every time.
  • Eliminates the concern of too rich/too lean concentrations.
  • Eliminates messy mixing spills.

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Part No.
Drum Mixer 78096  


The refractometer is a quick and easy tool for checking the concentration of your coolant. A drop of diluted coolant from your sump is placed on the eyepiece and viewed.

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Part Number